Football Team Assistant


Give perfect organization to your football team.

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

With our polished and clear design it is impossible to get lost in this app.

Powerful Design

With our self designed icons you will never get lost in your training plan.


You can customize this app to match it your team colors.

Our Best for You!

We tried to choose the most important features, so that the organization of every football team using Football Team Assistant is noticeably improved. We will be adding more and more new features gradually.

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

The main aim of this app is to make it as easy as possible, so that everyone can use it. In every harder section there is a tutorial that will learn you how to use it.

Everything in one place, for everyone

From now, everyone will know what, where, when and how is happening in your team. Thanks to the clear calendar it is clearly visible, when is something happening and when not. After tapping on some event you will see the details of it.

Role division

Each team consists of one team manager (could be even a coach) that can do everything, multiple coaches that can do everything except editing the team and multiple players that can see everything, but cannot edit.

Creating a training plan and match tactic

For every training you can create a training plan that everyone can see. It will prevent long and useless explaining of every exercise during training. You can create match tactic, too and shorten the time needed for pre-match tactic preparation.


For every training you can record attendance and for every match you you can give rating to individual player. Statistics will appear in Team tab. Coaches can see all statistics, players just their own.


After each edit or creation of an event you will receive a push notification that something was edited or created in your team, with date of the changed event.

App Screenshots


1. A team manager (can be a coach, too) registers in the app and creates a team.

2. After the team manager chooses the subscription for the team he/she can use the app.

3. In the second tab (Team) the team manager taps on the + button in the top right corner and chooses whether he/she wants to invite a coach or player or create a player.

4. The team manager repeats the third step to invite all people to this team (when the team manager invites a coach, he/she can do this task, too).

5. Other members of the team needs to register, tap join a team and choose this team from the list of their invites.

6. You are all set up to boost the organization of your football team!

Pricing Plan



Small team


for 1 month


for 1 year

Up to 2 coaches

Up to 20 players

Medium team


for 1 month


for 1 year

Up to 3 coaches

Up to 30 players

Pro team


for 1 month


for 1 year

Up to 6 coaches

Up to 50 players

Our team

Martin Mikusovic

Founder and iOS Developer

Michal Segec

Android Developer

Lukas Sedlacek

Back-End Developer

Lubos Gondas

Graphics Designer